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Moritzburg Castle

Moritzburg Castle
Moritzburg Castle

Schloss Moritzburg is a Baroque castle built from 1542–1546 as a hunting lodge for Moritz of Wettin, then Duke of Saxony. Elector John George II of Saxony had it extended and between 1661 and 1671 the chapel was added after designs by his architect Wolf Caspar von Klengels, a fine example of the early Baroque style. Between 1723 and 1733, Augustus had the castle largely remodelled as a pleasure seat by the architects Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann and Zacharias Longuelune, including a formal park, several ponds and a game preserve.

The displays of many areas within the castle are dedicated to the courtly art of formal hunting. The collection of red deer antlers is considered to be the largest in the world. The Elector's apartments contain excellent examples of lacquer and splendid parade furniture, the silver furniture made in Augsburg in emulation of Louis XIV's silver furniture at Versailles, and Chinese, Japanese and Meissen porcelain as well as fine engraved and inlaid hunting weapons. The castle is also famous for its sandstone decorations and stuccos.

The shell-pink Fasanenschlösslein (Little Pheasant Castle) in the park stands at the entrance route leading to the main castle on its formal island in the lake.

Hours: April to October, daily 10 am - 5:30 pm. January 1-10, November, December: Tuesday – Sunday, 10 am – 4 pm with hourly tours. February, March: Saturday/Sunday 10 am – 4 pm hourly tours.

Admission: Combined Ticket for Castle and Little Pheasant Castle 9.50 € adults, 5.50 € concessions.

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Address: Barockschloss und Fasanen, 01468 Moritzburg
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Moritzburg is a municipality in the district of Meißen in Saxony, Germany, between Meißen as early centre of Saxony and the today's capital Dresden. It is most famous for its Baroque castle, Schloss Moritzburg.

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