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Schwetzingen Palace

Schwetzingen Palace
Schwetzingen Palace, seen from the garden

Schwetzingen was the summer residence of the Electors Palatine Karl III Philip and Charles Theodore. It is situated in Schwetzingen, roughly equidistant from the electors' seats at Heidelberg and Mannheim, and is most notable for its spacious and ornate gardens. Other than these exceptionally well preserved gardens and the castle proper, the compound also features one of the few surviving theaters in the rococo style. It is the principal venue for the annual Schwetzingen Festival.

The palace interior is sumptuously appointed and the palace gardens are a historical garden monument of European ranking. The garden complex experienced several stylistic periods of garden art - from Baroque geometry to the natural landscaping of English gardens. New garden buildings were repeatedly built there, including the Mosque, the Bath House, the Botany Temple and others.

An application for the addition of the ensemble, consisting of the gardens, palace and town of Schwetzingen, to the list of UNESCO world heritage sites is currently being processed.

Hours: Schwetzingen Palace can only be viewed within the context of a guided tour; tours in English are at 2pm on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays. Tours in German are held Tuesday - Sunday from 10am - 4pm. The gardens may be visited daily from 9am - 7:30 pm during the summer, and 9am - 4:30 pm during the winter.

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Address: Schloss Mittelbau, 68723 Schwetzingen
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