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Burg Pfalzgrafenstein

Burg Pfalzgrafenstein
Pfalzgrafenstein Castle with Gutenfels Castle in the background

Burg Pfalzgrafenstein is a toll castle on the Falkenau island, otherwise known as Pfalz Island in the Rhine river near Kaub. Knownsimply as the Pfalz, this former stronghold is famous for its picturesque and unique setting. Its keep, a pentagonal tower with its point upstream, was erected 1326 by King Ludwig the Bavarian. Around the tower, a defensive hexagonal wall was built between 1338 to 1340. Later additions were made in 1607 and 1755, consisting of corner turrets, the gun bastion pointing upstream, and the characteristic baroque tower cap.

The castle functioned as a toll-collecting station that was not to be ignored, as it worked in concert with Burg Gutenfels and the fortified town of Kaub on the right side of the river. A chain across the river forced ships to submit, and uncooperative traders could be kept in the dungeon until a ransom was delivered.

The castle was acquired by Prussia in 1866, and toll collections ceased in 1867. It continued to be used as a signal station for the river boat traffic for about another century. In 1946, the castle became property of the State of Rheinland–Pfalz. The State eventually turned the Pfalz into a museum and restored the color scheme of the baroque period. The museum reflects the conditions of the 14th century, and the visitor will not find modern amenities such as electricity or a lavatory. It is accessible to the public via a ferry service from nearby Kaub as long as river conditions permit.

Hours: January - February 10am - 5pm on weekends only. March 10 am - 5pm daily except Mondays. April - October 10am - 6pm daily except Mondays. November 10am - 5pm on weekends only. Closed in December.

[ Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burg_Pfalzgrafenstein ]

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