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LIeser Castle

LIeser Castle
Lieser Castle

In the village of Lieser, which lies along the Moselle River in the area of Bernkastel-Kues, stands Lieser Castle. The castle was designed by the architect Heinrich Theodor Schmidt in 1884-1887 as the residence for the family of the winery owner Eduard Puricelli. In 1895/1904-1906 the castle was largely extended when Maria and Dr Clemens Freiherr von Schorlemer moved into the castle . The castle consists out of two components, the older part in forms of Neo-Renaissance and the younger part in the forms of Art Nouveau.

The ground plan is located between the Mosel and the mountains, so that all rooms within the building - as in the English country houses - are represented against a long corridor. The basic design of the building plan with the octagonal hall is based on Italian villas buildings of the 16th (Palladio) and 17th age century. In the stairwell between eight large pilasters are painted landscapes and architectural motifs from the Mosel region created by Karl Julius Grätz. The stairwell window with lead glazing has four painted medallions of Binsfeld and Janssen in Trier. The separate chapel contains wallpaintings by Karl Julius Grätz. The glass paintings have been made by Binsfeld and Janssen. Peter Fuchs created the saint statues. The mosaic floor with figural representations was designed by the architect and produced in Mettlach.

Castle visits should be arranged in advance; contact via the website or phone.

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Address: Schloss Lieser, 55470 Lieser
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Location of LIeser Castle

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