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Stolzenfels Castle (Schloss Stolzenfels)

Stolzenfels Castle (Schloss Stolzenfels)
Stozelfels Castle (Schloss Stolzenfels)

On the outskirts of Koblenz, the neo-Gothic towers of Schloss Stolzenfels come into view. The castle's origins date from the mid-13th century, when the archbishop of Trier sought to counter the influence (and toll rights) of the archbishop of Mainz, who had just built Burg Lahneck, a castle at the confluence of the Lahn and Rhine rivers. Its superbly furnished period rooms and beautiful gardens are well worth a visit. From B-9 (curbside parking) it's about a 15-minute walk to the castle entrance.

Hours: Apr.- Sept., Tues.- Sun. 10am - 7pm; Oct., Nov., and Jan.- Mar., Tues.- Sun. 10am -5pm

Admission: 2.60 €

[ Source: http://www.fodors.com/world/europe/germany/the-rhineland/review-455572.html ]

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Address: Schloss Stolzenfels, 56075 Koblenz
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Location of Stolzenfels Castle (Schloss Stolzenfels)

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"Where to park the car when visiting Stolzenfels castle? Is the walk from the parking place to the castle easy or difficult? Is there a fee that should be paid for parking? Danke!" (posted 04/18/2016)

Hello, here look, because everything is given, http://www.schloss-stolzenfels.de/ greetings ferienwohnung.lenz.wierschemer.de Rüdiger Lenz
Answer provided by Rüdiger Lenz on 04/18/2016
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Arriving by car: take the B9 direction Boppard. garage In the district Koblenz-Stolzenfels is a parking. From there you can take the walkway (follow the signes). It will take you about 20 minutes. Kind regards, LLAG team
Answer provided by Karl Jung on 04/19/2016
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"Hi!! We would like to visit Stolzenfels Castle as a via point from Mainz to Koblenz. However I could not find any train or bus stop nearby on the map. Could you please help me on this matter?" (posted 03/23/2017)

Station Koblenz Hbf. Outside the station building is the bus terminal. Bus line "650 Boppard" to the holding station "Stolzenfels-Schlossweg". The walk to the castle is signposted. with the ship: Daily numerous runs from Koblenz to Stolzenfels and back (takes about 30 minutes)
Answer provided by Horst Fischer on 03/24/2017
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"Have read differing views on Trip Advisor about entry to the castle for the tour which is in German. One review says no need to enter (although the entry is only 4 Euro and affordable) as the charm is on the outside. What do you advise as our main interest is photography. Will we be able to get good photographs if we walk around the castle grounds and follow the sign to the view point. Appreciate your advice as this is our first visit and want to make the most of our trip. Thank you. " (posted 06/12/2015)

here all the answers: http://www.schloss-stolzenfels.de/
Answer provided by Karl Jung on 06/18/2015
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Hello, here is the information about Castle Stolzenfels, was built from the ruins back in the 19th century, we http://www.schloss-stolzenfels.de/ recommend urgently that Eltz Castle as a tourist attraction, which is privately owned since 850 years, was never destroyed, the world-famous castle Eltz was formerly on the printed 500 DM -Schein on the back, http://burg-eltz.de/ American tourists love the Burg Eltz, only 2 km from the Burg Eltz is our comfortable apartment http://www.ferienwohnung.lenz.wierschemer.de/ greetings from sunny Wierschem ferienwohnung.lenz.wierschemer.de
Answer provided by Rüdiger Lenz on 06/15/2015
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The castle is the only castle !! in Mittelrehin-Unesco World Heritage Site (everything else are castles). It was put very extensive repair in the last 5 years and renovated. Stolzenfels Castle is the main attraction at all. The castle is a beautiful walk. Photos can with very nice outlook from the outside and if necessary. from inside (at least the castle park etc). be made. Be sure to visit - it's worth !! located
Answer provided by Friedhelm Cron on 06/15/2015
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