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Lahneck Castle Burg Lahneck)

Lahneck Castle Burg Lahneck)
Lahneck Castle (Burg Lahneck)

Lahneck Castle is a medieval fortress located in the city of Lahnstein in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, south of Koblenz. The 13th-century castle stands on a steep rock salient above the confluence of the Lahn River with the Rhine, opposite Castle Stolzenfels, in the district of Oberlahnstein. Its symmetrical plan, an oblong rectangle, is typical of the later castles of the time of the Hohenstaufen. The pentagonal shape of the keep is rare for castle towers.

The castle gained notoriety in England by the death of Idilia Dubb in June 1851. While on holiday with her family, the 17 year-old girl mounted the abandoned castle's high tower, when suddenly the wooden stairs collapsed behind her. Nobody heard her crying and calling from the tower, because it was surrounded with an insurmountable wall 3 meters high. The last sentences in her diary: All I know is that there is no hope for me. My death is certain. ... Father in heaven, have mercy on my soul. She was only found after years in 1860, her diary hidden in the walls some weeks later.

Hours: April 1 to November 1, daily 10am - 5pm.

Admission: 3.5 € Adults, 2 € children.

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Address: Burg Lahneck, D-56112 Lahnstein
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Location of Lahneck Castle Burg Lahneck)

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"Ist die Burg nun (heute ist 13.5.2016) tatsächlich auf? Wie kommt man dorthin? Wir Sind leicht behindert und müssen unsere Gehkräften auf das herumgehen sparen (und nicht das ankommen)." (posted 05/13/2016)

Hello, here is the link with all the info to Lahneck. greetings Rüdiger Lenz
Answer provided by Rüdiger Lenz on 05/14/2016
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"Kann man von Lahnstein auf die Burg Lahneck mit öffentlicher Verkehr ankommen? Was ist zu verfügen? Wie oft geht sie? Das Ankommen steht nicht auf das Website der Burg." (posted 05/15/2016)

Hello, the Lahneck Castle is located near the spa and the swimming pool, therefore is public transport given the exact timetable is appended at the stops. by ship - itinerary there jetty we would really like to recommend the American guests instead of Lahneck the famous Burg Eltz on the Mosel, the Burg Eltz was never destroyed and is still the castle of all castles our apartment is right on the way to Burg Eltz greetings Rüdiger Lenz
Answer provided by Rüdiger Lenz on 05/16/2016
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"Hello, Saw some recent Tripadvisor reviews that the Lahneck castle is closed to visitors. Can you please advise if it is going to be opened by July? The e-mail address on the site doesn't work. Thank you!" (posted 04/20/2016) The Castle Restaurant Lahneck is again filled with life with a beautiful view over the city, this restaurant is very quaint next to the Lahneck Lahnstein. The Castle Restaurant in Castle Lahneck is open again after a long break. New host is Mr. Ventsislav Pehlivanov. First, to 03 November 2015 invite him and his wife every day - except Monday - from 10.30 pm, the guests to linger on the terrace overlooking the Rhine and in the homely rooms of the inn a. As will subsequently be during the castle guide winter break, is not yet known. In any case, should at least negotiable companies, such as family gatherings, be possible. Not only the Tourist Information Lahnstein is pleased with the new start. Petra Bückner, head of the Tourist Information, would be very happy if there would be again in the long term a culinary experience near the castle Lahneck. "A new tenant who offers traditional cuisine as well as coffee and cake with renewed vigor in the immediate vicinity of the castle, would be perfect," exults Bückner. "Of course, we will give our complete support and share the one or other complementary actions for the next year to develop," the tourism chief continued. Until 3 November, the castle restaurant is open as follows: Mon Closed Tue - Wed 10:30 to 6:00 p.m. dosing Sa 10:00 to 20:00 To 10:00 to 18:00 candles guide to Lahneck Experience the Lahneck in the candlelight in a unique atmosphere! The late Staufer castle of archbishops and electors of Mainz was built to protect the territory on the Lahn estuary the year 1245th Their centuries-long history is linked inter alia with the legend of the Knights Templar and the disappearance of a Scottish Miss. Duration: 50 minutes Dates: May to October on the second Friday of the month. Guides for your group are available on request via the tourist info.
Answer provided by Ekkehard Meyer on 04/20/2016
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please contact. Castle Administration under because the opening hours Your LLAG Team
Answer provided by Karl Jung on 04/21/2016
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Lahnstein is a verband-free city of Rhein-Lahn-Kreis in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It is situated at the confluence of the Lahn River with the Rhine, approximately 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) south of Koblenz. Situated on the heights of the foothills of…

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