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Freiberg Cathedral

Freiberg Cathedral
Freiberg Cathedral seen from the Untermarkt

The Freiberg Cathedral or Cathedral of St Mary (Dom St. Marien) is a Lutheran church built around 1180. It is called a cathedral even though it has never been the seat of a bishop. Two significant works of art that are still conserved were added very early: the Triumphkreuzgruppe crucifixion group (around 1225) and the Goldene Pforte (Golden Gate). In 1480, the church was turned into a Collegiate church. However, the collegiate was dissolved after only 57 years due to the reformation in Saxony.

In the great fire of 1484, the church was almost completely destroyed. However, the crucifixion group, golden gate, and parts of the quire were preserved. The Cathedral of St. Mary was built at the same location as a triple-naved Gothic hall church. A remarkable feature are the two adjacent pulpits in the central nave, the free-standing Tulpenkanzel (Tulip pulpit) from 1505, and the Bergmannkanzel (Miner's pulpit) of 1638 created by Hans Fritzsche.

Between 1541 and August II the Strong's conversion to Catholicism, nine rulers of Saxony were buried in the quire of the cathedral. A special attraction for organ enthusiasts is the great organ by Gottfried Silbermann with its three keyboards, 44 organ stops and 2574 organ pipes. The cathedral is still used for services by the congregation. It can be visited daily for a fee in guided tours.

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Address: Untermarkt 1, 09599 Freiberg
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Location of Freiberg Cathedral

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