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Käppele Church Pilgrimage church

Käppele Church Pilgrimage church
Käppele Church in Würzburg

The Stations of the Cross leading to this baroque masterpiece of a church (built 1748-1750 by Balthasar Neumann) are worth the trip all by itself. The stairs leading to the church are lined by plane trees and the stations are all pieces of art. The church itself boasts magnificent frescos and stucco works, as well as a miracle hall with votive donations. Ascending the 352 steps to the church is rewarded with a fantastic view of the Fortress Marienberg, the city and the Main River valley.

[ Source: http://wuerzburg.de/en/tourismandconventions/worthseeing/mustsees/22692.Kaeppele.html ]

Address: 97070 Würzburg
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Location of Käppele Church Pilgrimage church

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"We will be in Wurzburg on Christmas Day, where can we find a catholic mass and at what times are the services? " (posted 10/12/2015)

Answer provided by Bernd Wiek on 10/12/2015
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"Is there a footprint in stone at the Kaeppele ?" (posted 01/19/2015)

Marienfuß Jump to: navigation, search "footprint Mary" at Stationsweg The so-called Marienfuß or Marie passage is located at Stationsweg for Käppele. In the region of the second platform of the station is left path to find a stone with a significant depression. Legend has it that here the Holy Mary paused on the way to Käppele once and I have left their footprint. Previously to the next larger still a small footprint have passed, which was attributed to the baby Jesus. Pilgrims sat still while climbing the stairs like her foot into the cavity. It is not known when and why the stone was used here. Also, do not know why he is labeled with a "IV." Such symbolic "kicks" are known from several cities and countries. They are usually associated with the presence of a deity or famous person. [1] The following quote is handed off to 1857 "on the Käppele to Würzburg it still shows the fuss pure Mary's, which is supposed to be a day ascended to the baby Jesus." [2 ]. A mention is also found in the "robbers" by Leonhard Frank: "The two siblings and the girl went past the praying believers to Marienfuß. The girl tried her foot into the cavity from which it was said that the Virgin Mary had rested for a moment here, what are you walking was sunk into the hard stone like butter "[3] sources Jumping Up ↑ Heinrich Seidl:". The footprint the stairs leading to Käppele in Würzburg. " in Franconia online Jumping Up ↑ Heinrich Seidl:. ". The footprint of the stairs to Käppele in Würzburg" in Franconia online Jumping Up ↑ Small bedtime reading for all those who love Würzburg and the beautiful Franconia page 35
Answer provided by Bernd Wiek on 01/20/2015
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"Hallo, does this church have disabled access for a wheelchair user??" (posted 03/01/2015)

- Parking for guests about 200 m above the Käppele - entry via Frankenwarte possible - Transit Käppele is permanently locked - access for guests only from the church square - access for wheelchair users or persons with mobility problems over monastery gate
Answer provided by Sascha Obert on 03/01/2015
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Dear Mr Wiek, fully wheelchair accessible, you can not even reach the Käppele the time. However, the entrance to the churchyard is possible via the Pilgrim House. The church is on the vestry but a step to overcome. The drive for the navigation system: 97082 Würzburg, Spittelbergweg 21 (at the end of the cul de sac on the left) - please log in on the intercom at the gate. Quick register by phone in advance on tel. 0931/79407760 is certainly helpful. Thanks and pleasant stay at Käppele for you and your guests. Sincerely, Wolfgang Münzel
Answer provided by Bernd Wiek on 03/02/2015
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"What is the significance of the dolls in the display cabinets and also the arms, legs and feet in the same cabinet" (posted 03/09/2015)

Hello! Please let us now of which display cabinets you speak? And where would that be? mfg Bernd Wiek
Answer provided by Bernd Wiek on 03/11/2015
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"Is this a Roman Catholic Church?" (posted 06/15/2015)

Yes. rK and there is temporarily a monk. It is a pilgrimage chapel! With an imposing staircase crossroads! Regards Bernd Wiek am Main Veitshöchheim
Answer provided by Bernd Wiek on 06/17/2015
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