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City walls of Nuremberg

City walls of Nuremberg
City walls of Nuremberg

The Nürnberg City walls surrounding the old town of Nuremberg in Bavaria, Germany. Built between 12th and 16th centuries they run for 5 kilometers (about 4 kilometers still standing) around the old town.

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Address: Nürnberg, Nuremberg
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Location of City walls of Nuremberg

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"How long does it take to walk around the walls?" (posted 07/18/2016)

To walk around the "walls" is not possible, Because The Standtmauer is very long. It`s more easy to visit some special destinations on the ramparts -> Street of Human Rights with stealing in many languages, is near Opera House (same name from Subway stop) - so near the German National Museum. Another destination on the Statdmauer is the "Tiergärtnertor", it`s near the Nuremberger Castel, easy to traveling by tram from Tram Station Plaerrer, direction Thon. More information you will find in our apartments: InCity Living Westside Living On the TOP Living
Answer provided by Juergen Glaser on 07/19/2016
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Hello, there are ca.5,5km only run without some view about 2 Std.gruß
Answer provided by Alexander Hablowetz on 07/19/2016
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About 170 kilometers north of Munich, Nuremberg (German: Nürnberg), Bavaria, is located in the administrative region of Middle Franconia. Nuremberg is situated on the Pegnitz River and the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal, and is Franconia's largest city with…

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