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Ehrenfels Castle (Hesse)

Ehrenfels Castle (Hesse)
Ehrenfels Castle (Hesse)

Ehrenfels Castle (German: Burg Ehrenfels) is a ruined castle above the Rhine Gorge near the town of Rüdesheim am Rhein in Hesse, Germany. It is located on the steep eastern bank of the river amid extended vineyards. The grape variety Ehrenfelser is named after the castle.

It was (re-)built about 1212 at the behest of the Archbishop of Mainz as a defensive work against the constant attacks by Elector Palatine Henry V, who, as Imperial vicar of Franconia, strived to cut down the archbishop's reach. Mainz staffed the castle with Burgmannen and erected a customs post controlling the shipping on the Rhine, supplemented by the Mouse Tower below at the river. Heavily damaged in the course of the Thirty Years' War, the castle was finally devastated by French troops under the command of Lieutenant General Nicolas Chalon du Blé during the 1689 Siege of Mainz.

The ruin can be reached from Rüdesheim via a hiking trail through the vineyards. The interior however can only be visited in guided tours by prior appointment.

[ Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burg_Ehrenfels_(Hessen) ]

Address: Rüdesheim am Rhein
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Location of Ehrenfels Castle (Hesse)

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"Are there guided tours to the Ehrenfels Castle? Can this be bought locally?" (posted 05/31/2016)

No, because in the castle brooding peregrine, they may not be entered. The castle is not for sale.
Answer provided by Edith Schwank on 05/31/2016
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There is a ruined castle that you can visit so without guidance
Answer provided by Dietmar Marckert on 06/01/2016
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Hello, dear family force Ehrenfels Castle is a ruin on the opposite side of the Rhine and one of Rudesheim. Whether there is a guide to the castle, one learns best from the tourist information office of the city Rudesheim / Rhine. Rudesheim is on the web and certainly information about the Ehrenfels Castle and how to get there best. The castle is located between vineyards. More I can unfortunately not say at the moment and I think that if your leisure on the Internet look, they will get a good answer. Sincerely, Gisela Ginsberg, Haus Gisela, Bacharach
Answer provided by Gisela Ginsberg on 06/01/2016
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"What is the name of the winery next to the castle? Can I purchase the wine from the internet and ship it to the USA?" (posted 01/06/2015)

The Ehrenfels Castle is a ruined castle 2 km from Rüdesheim is situated on a hill in the vineyards, but you are not allowed to enter darf.Es but from Rüdesheim to Koblenz 60 castles that can all see and where there are also guided tours.
Answer provided by Elvira und Norbert Herke on 01/07/2015
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When Ehrenfels Castle is a castle ruin. This is high above the Rhine in the vineyards between Rüdesheim am Rhein and its district Assmannshausen. Rudesheim am Rhein there are many wineries. They can be found on the Internet at: www.ruedesheim.de
Answer provided by Edith Schwank on 01/07/2015
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