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Katz Castle

Katz Castle
Katz Castle

Katz Castle (German: Burg Katz) is a castle above the German town of St. Goarshausen in Rhineland-Palatinate. This magnificent castle stands on a ledge looking downstream from the riverside at St. Goar. It was first built around 1371 by Count Wilhelm II of Katzenelnbogen. The castle was bombarded in 1806 by Napoleon and rebuilt in the late 19th century, between 1896-98. It is now privately owned, and not open for visitors.

Though commonly known as Katz, this is actually a contraction of Neukatzenelnbogen after the original Castle of Katzenelnbogen (Burg Katzenelnbogen). The name roughly translates into English as Cat's Elbow Castle, and so is popularly linked with that of the nearby Burg Maus, or "Mouse Castle".

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Address: Sankt Goarshausen
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Location of Katz Castle

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"Did the Castle have a restaurant over looking the river? About 1994?" (posted 07/24/2017)

The Katz castle is privately owned (Japanese) in 2014 and is no longer accessible to private individuals. Closed for the public Mfg Dietmar Marckert
Answer provided by Dietmar Marckert on 07/27/2017
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"Hello :-) Who is it that owns Katz Castle? Is it true that it is a Mexican millionaire?" (posted 06/20/2015)

The Japanese business consultant Satoshi Kosugi acquired 1989 Burg Katz at the price of 4.3 million DM.
Answer provided by Peter Weiss on 06/21/2015
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"I first heard there was a Katz castle in early 2015. My maiden name is Katz; I have been to Germany five times (Nuremberg/Munich area) I have family living there.I would like to know if I could visit/stay/work in the Katz castle/hotel? Is it closed to the public? Will it open back up in the near future?" (posted 01/10/2016)

Cities Walking Accommodations Events Sporting activities Gastronomy timetables Middle Rhine Bridge Loreley Store Katz Castle - The fortress Katz overlooking the Loreley Burg Katz Source: Elke Greiff-Gossen tour built not because Hotel Graf Wilhelm II of Katzenelnbogen Katz Castle in the second half of the 14th century. . century. She served at this time as military and military base for reinforcement of Rheinfels Castle, and together with this an attachment bulwark with a locking latch for the levy of Rhine duty. The expanded field of view up to the bend in the river at the Loreley was here also to securing Salmfangs of great importance. By predestined location on the mountain spur was the castle of the valley ago to be impregnable. Only after the introduction of firearms, the defenses of the castle had to be significantly strengthened. She was built as a fortress against the Kurtrierische Burg Maus. Here, the keep of the castle to approximately 60 meters in height has been increased so that was the eye contact for about 3 km away Burg Reichenberg. 1479 was extinguished the dynasty of the Counts of Katzenelnbogen. As a result of many years of inheritance disputes Katz Castle and Rheinfels Castle were besieged several times, destroyed, rebuilt and expanded. Although in 1800 repair work had been carried out yet, Napoleon blew up in 1806, the castle. 1896 Katz Castle was acquired by the then District Administrator Berg and expanded by him under the basis of the old state as a residence and used. 1946 - 1951 it was the seat of the local high school "Institut Hofmann" with dormitory. Since 1989, the castle is in Japanese privately owned and is home to the Hotel Burg Katz.
Answer provided by Manfred Metzenroth on 01/12/2016
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