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Brauneck Cable Car

Brauneck Cable Car
Brauneck Mountain Cable Car

Take the Brauneck cable car to the peak of Brauneck mountain. The mountain (1556 meters) offers not only a myriad of ski possibilities during the winter, but also a variety of trails and activities in the summer.

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Address: Gilgenhöfe 28, 83661 Lenggries
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Location of Brauneck Cable Car

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"Do I need to pay for a cable car ticket in advance online?" (posted 08/04/2015)

No one does not have, you pay directly at the valley station Brauneckbergbahn
Answer provided by Veronica Schalch-Seybold on 08/05/2015
This answer is helpful
Ladies and gentlemen, the tickets for ferry trips do not have to be paid in advance. Usually you buy them right at the base, where they can pay in cash or by credit card. To shorten the waiting time at the counter, but tickets can already be pre-ordered. This is possibly a security in the form of credit card deposit. We hope to have you helped with this and greet you kindly from the Landhaus Theresa iA Claudia Stampfer Drindl-Förg GbR
Answer provided by Rita Förg on 08/06/2015
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No you do not pay in advance, you can directly train solve the ticket
Answer provided by Monika Hauer on 08/05/2015
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"Hello is it possible to drive by car to Brauneck or close by, or is the road closed to cars soon after Lenggries? How frequently does the cable car operate, and what sort of queue is to be expected over the next weekend? How early should one catch the cable car to avoid longer queues? Thank you for your help and best regards, Michel" (posted 08/11/2016)

The road to the Brauneck is from 20.8. blocked only for buses, not for cars. There is one lane to drive. The cable car runs from 8.30 am to 17.00 h in the evening. Next weekend is sure to be a lot going on, because Monday 15.8. Holiday is in Bavaria. If then, the morning drive up equal to 8.30 h until the Naherholer come from Munich.
Answer provided by Veronica Schalch-Seybold on 08/12/2016
This answer is helpful
Dear Sirs, of course you can go by car directly to the Brauneck cable car and park there. The gondola (6 cabins) runs constantly 9-16, thereby increasing the waiting time can be avoided. It is to be recommended as possible around 9am on the web in order to have enough time on the mountain. We wish you a pleasant stay and greet you politely from the Landhaus Theresa Claudia Stampfer Guest Service
Answer provided by Rita Förg on 08/12/2016
This answer is helpful
Hello, there is parking directly at the cable car. The railway runs through the whole day. Large queues can be expected only in the winter for skiing. Have fun!
Answer provided by Heidi Denk on 08/12/2016
This answer is helpful
You can go directly to the gondola Brauneck. The waiting times are currently no longer than five to ten minutes. The cable car runs continuously from 08:30 to 17 pm every day.
Answer provided by Monika Hauer on 08/12/2016
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"What are the summer operating hours for the cable car please? We are planning to walk the Dream Way Munich-Venice. Walking the stage from Bad Tolz to Brauneckhaus Hut on 27 July 2017 and may choose to take the cable car if running late in the day. Thanks Peter Briggs" (posted 04/10/2017)

Dear Mr. Briggs, unfortunately I can not answer your question. Please contact the Tourist Information Lenggries, there is the Brauneckbahn. There is also a website www.brauneck-bahn.de. There you can certainly get even more information. Good luck and best wishes Rita Förg Villa Theresa, Bad Toelz www.landhaus-theresa.de
Answer provided by Rita Förg on 04/10/2017
This answer is helpful
The cable car to the Brauneck is 8.15Uhr to 17.00 pm. but I know that the way "Munich-Venice" on the Tutzinger hut goes. Nevertheless, the hikers have fun and beautiful day
Answer provided by Marlies Simon on 04/11/2017
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Situated along the lovely Isar River near the spa town of Bad Toelz, Lenggries, Bavaria, is home to about 10,000 residents and is popular among ski enthusiasts. Brauneck Mountain, a peak in the Tegensee chain, draws many winter sports lovers to the area…

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