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Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth

Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth
Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth

The Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth (German: Luisenburg-Felsenlabyrinth) is a felsenmeer made of granite blocks several metres across and is part of the Großes Labyrinth Nature Reserve near Wunsiedel in Germany. For a long time its formation was believed to have been caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes. Today it is known that processes such as weathering and erosion over a long period are much more likely to have been responsible for the formation of the rock labyrinth.

The well-rounded shapes of the individual blocks were formed by woolsack weathering in the tropical, humid climate of the Tertiary period. Over the course of time they were left behind as the ground around was eroded; they became unstable and began to shift. This resulted in the jumble of rocks with wild, romantic paths through the narrow clefts and steep steps.

[ Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luisenburg ]

Address: Wunsiedel
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Location of Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth

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"Is it many steps (78 years old) or too long a way to get to the labyrinth? thank you joseph katz" (posted 04/30/2014)

One can find lots of info on "Felsenlabyrinth Luisenburg" (the rock labyrinth) online. Have a look, preferably at the videos, to get an impression. For a 78-year-old, it’s not easy to get up the, sometimes steep, steps and through the tight and low passages. But, one needn’t go all places. Here’s some info, in images and in words: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXXG-OLJ9os http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GdrCaszNGw http://www.lfu.bayern.de/geologie/geotope_schoensten/27/index.htm http://www.freizeitfuehrer-franken.de/felsenlabyrinth-luisenburg.html Have fun getting a taste, Best regards Helmut Höcht www.imgruenen.de
Answer provided by Helmut Höcht on 04/30/2014
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the Felsenlabyrint is a path through the forest, uphill and downhill; one must go through tight passages and climb stairs, is very nice but also a bit exhausting, walking time is well over an hour but one can also take a short cut. Greetings Annette Rupprecht
Answer provided by Annette Rupprecht on 05/02/2014
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Yes you're right, there are many steps and it is necessary to be fit, to get through the labyrinth. It's very tricky.
Answer provided by Matthias Zimmerer on 05/01/2014
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One should be physically fit enough to explore the rock labyrinth, as there are many uphill passages and steps. One also has to bend down regularly. It takes around 45-60 minutes to complete the trail. On the Luisenburg, right next to the labyrinth, there is one of the most beautiful natural stages in Europe, where the Luisenburgfestspiele (festival) are held every year. Have a look at this video to get an impression: http://wunsiedel.de/tourismus/felsenlabyrinth-luisenburg/ It is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Germany we’ve got here.
Answer provided by Manfred Söllner on 05/01/2014
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"hello is the way to climb the luisenburg rock labyrint long ,and difficult for 80 years old people ? thank you joseph katz" (posted 06/30/2015)

the way through Felsenlabyrint is a bit difficult, you go about an hour through the forest needs through narrow rock climbing and it has in places narrow and steep stairs (steps). I hope I could help them. Greetings from Germany by Annette Rupprecht
Answer provided by Annette Rupprecht on 07/01/2015
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There are mainly stairs and steps, and you have partially bent round under the rocks It takes a certain fitness for old people rather unsuitable! With regards from the Fichtelgebirge Manfred Söllner
Answer provided by Manfred Söllner on 06/30/2015
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So this really comes down to how fit and supple is the 80 year old man. There are on the way to the top very narrow places, where you really have to bend down to get through the rock, and there are steeper stairs, but overall it is a way that requires no climbing experience and is landscaped really uniquely beautiful. For further questions I am happy to help. Love, Axel Lange
Answer provided by Axel Lange on 06/30/2015
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