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German Apple Strudel (Apfelstrudel)

German Apple Strudel (Apfelstrudel)
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Serves: 4 persons

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Apple strudel is a popular pastry in Austria and in many countries in Europe. Our Apfelstrudel recipe consists of an oblong strudel pastry jacket with an apple filling inside. The filling is made of grated apples, sugar, cinnamon, raisins, and bread crumbs. A juicy apple strudel should be baked with good cooking apples that are tart, crisp, and aromatic. According to the famous chef Karl Gundel (1883 — 1956), for apple strudel, winesap apples are the best.

The dough consists of flour, oil (or butter) and salt.

The secret of apple strudel dough preparation is in making the pastry very thin and elastic. Preparing of the original strudel dough is a difficult process that appears complex. The dough is kneaded by flogging often against a table top to align the starch molecules, rested, then rolled out on a big table, so it should cover the whole table, and than stretched by hand on a floured tablecloth. The dough should be very thin, and holes are mended if any occurs. When the dough is finally stretched out, an old fashioned apple strudel dough is very large, and often may reach the size of a bedsheet. A single layer should be so thin that one could read a newspaper through it.

Apple juice can be added to the pastry dough instead of water, and the dough may be substituted using frozen phyllo dough. Vanilla and rum may be used to add flavour to the filling and light flavoured olive, or other oil may be used instead for butter or lard. Other less usual ingredients may include zest, lemon juice, and nuts (preferably ground walnuts, slivered almonds, or in Italy, in Trentino Alto Adige, pine nuts).

The rolled-up and filled apple strudel is baked in a pan in the oven. The apple strudel is sliced and traditionally is served warm, often sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Toppings of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, custard, or vanilla sauce are popular in many countries (although the latter are strongly opposed by the Viennese and the Hungarians as well.

Apple strudel can be accompanied by tea, coffee or even champagne. Viennese cafe is a typical institution of Vienna that has a long tradition in Austria and plays an important role in Viennese culture and culinary tradition. The one of the most common treats in a Viennese coffeehouse is Apfelstrudel with coffee or tea.

[ source: Wikipedia ]


Strudelteig for Apple Strudel (alternatively use apricots or any other fruit you enjoy).

  • 250 g/1 cup flour
  • 1 teaspoon of salt - sift both and put into a bowl.
  • 125 g/ 1/2 cup of luke warm water
  • 1 teaspoon of vinegar
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil - mix these ingredients all together with a fork so the egg gets scrambled in the liquids.


Put in the middle of the flour mixture, knead with your hands in the bowl first and then for about 10 minutess on a floured surface. Form a ball and cover with some veggie oil, let rest under a bowl for about 30-60 minutes.

In the meantime chop up some apples, raisins, and walnuts

Add cinnamon and sugar to the mixture to taste.

Once the dough has rested for the appropriate time, divide into two and roll out one half. Stretch out paper thin with the back of your hands. Let rest for 10 minutes then cover the dough with molten butter, add apple mixture (leave the sides empty b/c you need to roll the dough up). Roll everything up carefully and fold the sides in (just like a burrito). Transfer to a buttered and flours baking sheet, add more molten butter on the top of the strudel and bake for 25 minutes @ 425 F.

Enjoy (let rest for 10 minutes) with whipped cream...

Guten Appetit!

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