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There are many regions in Germany and popular tourist destinations to visit, each with different characteristics that invite you to explore a local region. We provide a short overview of each region, travel highlights, interesting activities to enjoy, and charming and unique destinations where we have pleasant and convenient vacation apartments or holiday rentals available.

Vogelsberg Mountains Vacation Rentals

[ source: Wikipedia ]

The Vogelsberg Mountains are a group duct of ancient volcanic activity and are separated from the Rhön Mountains by the Fulda River and its valley. [ + ] More Details

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Vogtland Vacation Rentals

[ source: Wikipedia ]

The term Vogtland refers to a region reaching across the German free states of Bavaria, Saxony and Thuringia and into the Czech Republic (north-western Bohemia). The name of the region contains a reference to the former leadership by the Vögte of Weida,… [ + ] More Details

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Voralberg (Austria) Vacation Rentals

[ source: Wikipedia ]

Vorarlberg is the westernmost federal state (Land) of Austria. Although it is the second smallest in terms of area (Vienna is the smallest) and population (Burgenland is less populated), it has the second highest population density (after Vienna). It… [ + ] More Details

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Wachau Vacation Rentals

[ source: Wikipedia ]

The Wachau is an Austrian valley with a picturesque landscape formed by the Danube river. It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations of Lower Austria, located midway between the towns of Melk and Krems that also attracts "connoisseurs and epicureans".… [ + ] More Details

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Waldecker Land Vacation Rentals

[ source: Wikipedia ]

The Waldecker Land is a region in the western North Hesse. The region mainly comprises the territories of the former principality of Waldeck. [ + ] More Details

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Waldviertel Vacation Rentals

[ source: Wikipedia ]

The Waldviertel (Forest Quarter) is the northwestern region of the Austrian state of Lower Austria. It is bounded to the south by the Danube, to the southwest by Upper Austria, to the northwest and the north by the Czech Republic and to the east by the… [ + ] More Details

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Weimarer Land Vacation Rentals

[ source: Wikipedia ]

Weimarer Land is a Kreis (district) in the east of Thuringia, Germany. Neighboring districts are (from the northeast clockwise) the district Burgenlandkreis in Saxony-Anhalt, the district Saale-Holzland and the district-free city Jena, the district Saalfeld-Rudolstadt,… [ + ] More Details

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Werratal Vacation Rentals

[ source: Wikipedia ]

The Werra is a river in central Germany, the right source river of the Weser. The Werra has its source near Eisfeld in southern Thuringia. After 293 km the Werra joins the Fulda River in Hann. Münden, forming the Weser. [ + ] More Details

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Weser Vacation Rentals

[ source: Wikipedia ]

The Weser is a river in north-western Germany. Formed at Hann. Münden by (the confluence of) the Fulda and Werra, it flows through Lower Saxony, then reaching the historic (Hanseatic League) port city of Bremen before emptying into the North Sea 50… [ + ] More Details

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Weserbergland Vacation Rentals

[ source: Wikipedia ]

The Weser Uplands is a hill region (Bergland = uplands, hills or hill region) in Germany (Lower Saxony, Hesse, and North Rhine-Westphalia, between Hannoversch Münden and Porta Westfalica near the river Weser. Important cities of this region include… [ + ] More Details

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