A Real Live Like a German Experience:
The Story of Susanne visiting Riedering, Germany in August 2014

Susanne has rented through us a vacation apartment in Germany and a unique "Live Like a German" story to tell. In general the feedback of our customers like Susanne typically contains valuable suggestions and travel tips, which can be extremely useful when planning your own Germany vacation. Hope this story inspires you with more Germany vacation ideas for perhaps your own "Live Like a German" experience in the future ...

This is the vacation apartment where Susanne was staying:

Vacation Apartment - 624 sqft, comfortable, relaxing, warm (# 2587)Verified & Approved by LLAGVerified & Approved

Bedrooms: 1  |  Sleeps: 4  |  minimum stay is 4 nights (but may require a longer stay during main season)
. Enjoy the alpine landscape with its mountains and lakes. Southeast of the old county town of Rosenheim, the resort is situated on Riedering Simssee. The Simssee and its "little brother", the Tinninger See, has all the characteristics of an alpine area.  [ + ] More Details

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Here is Susanne's Feedback:

anything but comfortable
The furnishings looked as if they had been thrown together from several apartments’ furniture. Some of it seemed very old, like in the 1950’s (only, not good-looking). There was a balcony, but it couldn’t be used to sit there because the vine had grown so well, there was not enough room. There were no two plates or cups that fit together, but rather various sets mixed together.

What I liked best: The location and the view onto the mountains

What I liked least: The furnishings

More Details:

Susanne overall rated this apartment on 08/16/2014 as follows:3 Stars Rating   (3)
Travelled with:Spouse/Partner
Would recommend the apartment to a friend:No
How easy was it to book the property?Easy
How helpful were the directions to the property?Helpful
How easy was key pickup/access to the property?Easy
How was the overall condition of the property?Was OK
How was the condition of Bedding & MattressesGood Condition
How was the condition of Kitchen & Utensils?Terrible Condition
How was the condition and cleanliness of the Bathroom(s)?Not in Good Condition, Dirty
How was the condition of other facilities & amenities?Not in Good Condition
How was the quality of the overall customer service?Was OK
Was the porperty meeting your expectations as advertised?Did not fully meet my expectations
Would you recommend the location of the property?Recommend
Was it a good value for the price paid?Good Value
I recommend this property for these groups:
  • Older travellers
  • People with pets

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About Riedering:


Susanne was visiting Riedering in Germany. Riedering is a municipality in the Upper Bavarian district of Rosenheim, located on Simssee.

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