A Real Live Like a German Experience:
The Story of Andrea visiting Speyer, Germany in August 2015

Andrea has rented through us a vacation apartment in Germany and a unique "Live Like a German" story to tell. In general the feedback of our customers like Andrea typically contains valuable suggestions and travel tips, which can be extremely useful when planning your own Germany vacation. Hope this story inspires you with more Germany vacation ideas for perhaps your own "Live Like a German" experience in the future ...

This is the vacation apartment where Andrea was staying:

Vacation Home - 721 sqft, warm, spacious (# 2893)Verified & Approved by LLAGVerified & Approved

Bedrooms: 1  |  Sleeps: 4  |  minimum stay is 3 nights (but may require a longer stay during main season)
. If you love historic houses, take a look at this charming house in the village of Dudenhofen. It is ideal for a traveling couple and offers 1 bedroom and a covered terrace that overlooks a large garden with fruit trees. The house comes with complimentary…  [ + ] More Details

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Here is Andrea's Feedback:

rest,history and wonderful landscapes
great services and hospitlity; a quiet place near a lot of nice cities and beautiful country where found good food and wines

What I liked best: more window-curtain for sleep in the morning

More Details:

Andrea overall rated this apartment on 08/19/2015 as follows:5 Stars Rating   (5)
Travelled with:Family with Teenagers
Would recommend the apartment to a friend:Yes
How easy was it to book the property?Easy
How helpful were the directions to the property?Helpful
How easy was key pickup/access to the property?Very Easy
How was the overall condition of the property?Perfect Condition
How was the condition of Bedding & MattressesPerfect Condition
How was the condition of Kitchen & Utensils?Perfect Condition
How was the condition and cleanliness of the Bathroom(s)?Perfect Condition, Very Clean
How was the condition of other facilities & amenities?Good Condition
Did the property offer WI-FI / Internet access?Yes, excellent Internet Connectivity
How was the quality of the overall customer service?Perfect
Was the porperty meeting your expectations as advertised?Exceeded my Expecations
Would you recommend the location of the property?Recommend
Was it a good value for the price paid?Good Value
I recommend this property for these groups:
  • Families with young children

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About Speyer:


Andrea was visiting Speyer in Germany. With approximately 50,000 residents, Speyer is located in beside the Rhine River in Rhineland-Palatinate. It lies 25 km south of Ludwigshafen and Mannheim and is worth a day trip of either of these larger cities. Speyer is a very old town, having been…

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