A Real Live Like a German Experience:
The Story of Francesco visiting Potsdam, Germany in August 2012

Francesco has rented through us a vacation apartment in Germany and a unique "Live Like a German" story to tell. In general the feedback of our customers like Francesco typically contains valuable suggestions and travel tips, which can be extremely useful when planning your own Germany vacation. Hope this story inspires you with more Germany vacation ideas for perhaps your own "Live Like a German" experience in the future ...

This is the vacation apartment where Francesco was staying:

Vacation Apartment - tiled bath, fully fitted kitchen (# 1003)Verified & Approved by LLAGVerified & Approved

Bedrooms: 2  |  Sleeps: 4  |  minimum stay is 2 nights (but may require a longer stay during main season)
. This charming apartment is located in the center of Potsdam on a street closed to automobile traffic. The unit can sleep up to 4 guests, and its numerous features include a full kitchen, cable TV, and free Wi-Fi.  [ + ] More Details

Here is Francesco's Feedback:

Not what we expected from the advertisement

Overall we were not as happy with the accomodation as we would have like to have been. The owners could have provided more support simply by have documented in English some of the house rules/facilities etc especially as they were not able to communicate in English or any other language.

This is a list of some of the issues in more details for your reference:

  • We were expecting an independent apartment. What we found was that we were actually in the house of the owners with shared entrance and had to go up the stairs past their bedroom and bathroom to enter the bedsit/apartment on the upper floor. This was not what we were expecting and it should have been clearer on the advertisement. It was not as relaxing as it should have been.
  • There was no communication in English but a lot of notices in German written and verbal. The owners claimed not to speak any english at all and this made communication very difficult as there was nothing written to explain the rules of the house of which there were some ie removing shoes on entering.
  • This problem with the language forced us to have a German speaking friend with us at the phone call for setting the first meeting with the owner, who asked us to speak in German because his English was too poor.
  • There were no clothes washing facilities - though after some disjointed discussion in English/German the owner offered to do a load of washing which we could hang on a clothes rack in our room.
  • Wifi did not reach the 'apartment' so we were told to go into one of the other rooms on the same floor. Sometimes this worked - other times not so we would stand in the corridor. We had requested internet access on booking of this apartment.
  • We were 'told' to bring the very small towels which did not dry properly down for washing every 3 days. When we brought them down the first time there were no replacement towel. The owner was hoping to wash and dry them then give them back to us.
  • In the 2 weeks we stayed we were not offered a change of bed linen.

There was a small amount of dishwashing liquid left by the kitchen sink which had been watered down. I'm sorry but this is really 'cheap'. We observed that a plant had been removed from the room and we were not notified of this.

There was not offer to clean the apartment and no cleaning products with which we could do this for ourselves.

We paid more for this apartment than we have for other better equiped apartments so the expectation is not that of a guest room/apartment but one that is fitted and serviced when necessary. There were mismatched glasses for drinking alongside reasonable crockery which is not what I expect for a paid facility. We did not expect a hotel. We prefer to stay in an apartment because we like the independence and living in the community but along with that we are still travellers and service and support are those little things that allow you to function while away from home.

What I liked best: historic location

What I liked least: it was not an indipendent property

More Details:

Francesco overall rated this apartment on 09/03/2012 as follows:2 Stars Rating   (2)
Travelled with:Spouse/Partner
Would recommend the apartment to a friend:No
How easy was it to book the property?Easy
How helpful were the directions to the property?Was OK
How easy was key pickup/access to the property?Not Easy Enough
How was the overall condition of the property?Was OK
How was the condition of Bedding & MattressesWas OK
How was the condition of Kitchen & Utensils?Was OK
How was the condition and cleanliness of the Bathroom(s)?Good Condition, Clean
How was the condition of other facilities & amenities?Not in Good Condition
Did the property offer WI-FI / Internet access?Yes, was OK
How was the quality of the overall customer service?Could have been Better
Was the porperty meeting your expectations as advertised?Did not fully meet my expectations
Would you recommend the location of the property?Would not recommend
Was it a good value for the price paid?Not a Good Value

Any Questions, Comments, or Feedback?

About Potsdam:


Francesco was visiting Potsdam in Germany. Potsdam has several claims to national and international notability. Until 1918, it was the residence of the Prussian kings. Potsdam is also important due to its architectural and landscape history. Around the city there are a series of interconnected…

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