Trip Planning for your Germany Vacation

First of all, Live Like a German is not a travel agent, vacation package provider nor a tour operator. However, we can help you with practical advise when planning your Germany trip. In addition, the Live Like a German web site contains plenty of trip planning resources, travel guides, and trip plan ideas. Please take the time to explore our site and learn more about Germany. This way you're prepared for your Germany trip and can truly Live Like a German during your special Germany vacation!

Our Trip Planning Services:

Our web site can help you find a great vacation rental apartment in Germany with affordable rates.

Before your trip, plenty of time to talk with us so we can get to know your personal travel preferences and interests.

Based on this, we can provide you with personalized and tailored travel advice and guidance to local area, Germany travel guides, and trip suggestions that match your particular interests.

The Live Like a German web site provides you with insider tips on where to go and how to get around to help you make the most out of your vacation in Germany.

When you book with us a personal telephone hotline is available during your stay in Germany where you can reach us every day in case of questions or problems.

We provide you with a full service and make your Germany travel easy: travel tips and advice, apartment booking confirmations, rental agreements, and payment processing, all done through us, so you don't have to communicate directly with property owners in Germany, work on international money transfers, worry about language issues, etc.

Depending on the apartment choice there are lots of extras and options to chose from. For example, authentic, freshly home-cooked German dinner served in your apartment, fresh German bread and/or breakfast rolls and pastries delivered right to your door in the morning, a personal tour guide who can help you to explore the local area, and more ...

We don't provide flight or rental car services, but can recommend a few web sites that work well and have cheap offerings.

Step 1: Getting Started

Learn more about Germany to decide which region or location you like most Use the navigation bar on the left to browse travel guides by destination, vacation theme, or region. Alternatively, use the search box to find areas and destinations of interest.

Browse the list of vacation rental apartments (e.g., by destination, region, or vacation theme) and find out what fits best your needs.

Find out what you can do in the local area during your Germany trip. We have detailed local travel guides for many destinations.

Browse and read our Germany relatd articles to get suggestions and trip ideas before you travel to Germany.

Check out other useful links and resources related to Germany travel.

Learn more about the Kraft family (see link above).

Read testimonials and reviews (see link above).

Once you have found a great vacation rental apartment that works for your desired travel dates, fill out and submit an availability request form. After reviewing the information you submit, we will get back to you quickly (typically within 24 hours) with a rental offer comprising availability information You can then review that information and decide whether to proceed with your reservation by emailing or calling us per phone.

Once you have confirmed the rental offer by email or phone, we'll send you all the necessary paperwork to finalize the reservation.

Step 2: Planning your Trip

If you like you can call us so we get to know your travel preferences and interests better and do a better job of assisting you with planning so you can get the most out of your trip. Or, you can send us an email with more details about your travel interests.

Once you've decided on the dates and travel options and confirmed your reservation, we'll send you all the required paperwork. You can confirm your reservation by phone, email, or regular mail.

Please read the paperwork carefully. Once you decided to go for it, fill out all the details, sign, and send it back to us along with a down-payment. The down-payment locks your reservation and holds the apartment for your desired travel date. The amount of the required down-payment is shown on the corresponding apartment rate page (e.g., typically 25% .)

We accept personal checks, PayPal (preferred), and major credit cards.

At this point you can also make your payment in full, or you can also decide to pay this later, typically up to 60 days prior to your stay (see corresponding apartment rate page for details.)

Please note that we do not bill you again, so it is your responsibility that we receive the remaining payment timely. If not, we have the right to cancel your apartment reservation. We therefore recommend for simplicity making payments in full when you make the reservation. In case the travel date is less than 50 days in advance payment in full is required

Once we have received your complete payment we will mail you the final rental agreement.

You're then ready to make your air and rental car reservations.

There are non-stop flights available to Frankfurt or Munich from many US airports.

We also recommend to make also a reservation for a rental car.A car is very convenient for getting around. We recommend to pick up and return a rental car at the airport.

You can also use public transportation as an alternative.

Once you have your travel dates confirmed, please let the property owner know what time you expect to arrive at the apartment. Please coordinate with the property owner for key pickup. We will provide you with the owner's contact information.

Cancellation Policy

If you have to cancel your reservation there will be charges applied as follows:

If we receive a cancellation up to 60 days prior to your travel date you will have to pay 25% of your rental cost.

If we receive a cancellation between 30 days and 59 days prior to your travel date you will have to pay 50% of your total rental cost.

If we receive a cancellation less than 30 days prior to your travel date you will have to pay 100% of your total rental cost.

If you can provide us with a replacement renter for the desired time frame we will waive the cancellation cost.

Step 3: Arriving in Germany

We hope you had a safe trip and a good flight to Germany!

Get your rental car at the airport, and use the driving directions we've provided to get to our apartment (we typically have these on our apartment web page handy.)

Adjust your watch. The time zone is GMT +1. This is 6 hours ahead of Eastern Time, and 9 hours ahead of Pacific Time.

Please make sure you have arranged for a meeting with the property owner so you can pick up the apartment keys at your apartment. Many of our property owners typically speak both English and German.

Enjoy your stay! Use our web site for travel guides and tips while your in Germany to make the most our of your vacation! In case you need help we're always a phone call away (see above our toll-free phone number)